JMJ Consulting and Advocacy provides training for individuals, families, and professional care-givers. We believe that well informed care-givers come to the care-giving experience with empathy and realistic expectations giving them the confidence needed to provide excellent care. We also provide care consultation and assistance in determining when changes in living arrangements are necessary. This includes education regarding types of housing and services available and which care setting is well suited to meet individual needs.


Our Mission

To educate, equip, and empower those who care for individuals who have dementia; creating an empathic, engaged experience for those who are being cared for and those providing care alike.

So much of the training I am required to go to is a waste of my time. This training will help me to provide better care. Thank you JMJ Consulting!
— Jen, RN with 15 years of experience in the Senior Care industry

Services offered include:

  • TRAINING  for professional care-givers in Home Care, Assisted Living, and Long Term Care settings
  • CONSULTATION with leadership and staff members of facilities and residential care homes providing care for those with dementia